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School Fees Loan

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School Fees Loan

Aimed at assisting parents/guardians with school fees dues as as to enable an interrupted term for students

A short term credit facility that is intended to facilitate the payment of school fees by parents and guardians for their school-going children.

School fees can be a burdensome on the family budget. APS Baraka Sacco takes care of this budget by providing a special loan tailored to satisfy members with school fees needs

The builder and designer are both involved in the project from the start to ensure the highest value is achieved.

Applicant requirements:

  • Loan is repayable in 12 months
  • Loan limit is depends on the member’s ability to repay
  • Loan attracts 1% interest rate per month on flat rate
  • Loan security is member`s and guarantors savings.
  • Admission letter or fee structure required
Interest rate:

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