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We are committed to empowering all stakeholders to save and help in business to grow your business. All our branches are networked for better Products...

About APS Baraka Sacco

APS Baraka Sacco is organized by people who own small scale individual businesses but is also open to employees of various organizations.

APS Baraka Sacco was initially a Micro-Credit Revolving Fund Project under Association for Participation in Development (A.P.S) an Italian N.G.O. The fund was later transformed into the SACCO after the withdrawal of the donor in 2003.
The SACCO is managed by a Central Management Committee who we are elected by the delegates during the Annual Delegates Meeting.

Saving Products

Savings for tomorrow

Aps Baraka Sacco has a wide range of savings products tailored to meet various needs of a diversified membership with each member’s unique need being catered.

  • Share  or Equity Capital
  • Christmas Savings
  • Pamoja Savings
  • Total Savings
  • Ordinary Savings
  • Recruitment Reserve Funds

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